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Monster Factory at FanExpo

The Monster Factory is very excited to announce that two of our limited edition monsters will be included in “Pablove One Another”, an art benefit for The Pablove Foundation… fighting childhood cancer with love.

Meet Melanie. She rarely goes without her morning coffee. Or her afternoon coffee. Or even her late morning/midday coffee. She’s usually pretty wired.

Ainsley can’t resist a big clothing sale. Her closet is full of outfits that were ‘great deals,’ but upon further reflection, are probably too ugly to wear.

Kevin costume


“Doyle” By the folks at Monster Factory.

Congrats to Lisa, the winner of our #fanexpo monster prototype giveaway. #monsterfactory #toy #plush (Taken with Instagram at Monster Factory)

Well this is an intense look! (Taken with Instagram at Monster Factory)

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